Spring Break Woo!

My wife and I both work in education, and last week was spring break, so we had an entire week with our kids. After the initial excitement of having time to clean and do yardwork, we dragged ourselves to two specific destinations: Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA, and Edaville in Carver, MA.

Davis Farmland was an incredible treat, because within five minutes, Lucas was feeding a week-old baby cow. A petting zoo and a family park in one, Lucas was able to hold baby goats, chase baby lambs, see a python, jump in a moon bounce, dig for fossils, drive go-karts, and enjoy his favorite thing: slides. We were thoroughly impressed the whole time we were there, especially when it came time for Sydney to nurse. The whole park was incredibly family- and mommy-friendly, and Staci can’t rave enough about the great nursing areas they provided.

In short, Davis Farmland is tight, yo.

Edaville was also similarly fun, with the caveat that half of it is on a lake and it was so windy that my whole family cried (true story). The main draw here was ThomasLand, a Thomas the Tank Engine themed amusement park, and Lucas was absolutely enthralled the whole time (until the Great Lake Sadness). The food was very bad, and there wasn’t enough seating for everyone in attendance, but the rides were extremely fun and we were able to ride them all with Lucas, making for a memorable day.

Also, the toys there are the most expensive trains in the world, which should come as no surprise.

None of this should be seen as advertising for these places, although you should definitely check them out if you’re in Massachusetts with your kids, because the #gteam had a lot of fun.

But the thing that I enjoyed the most wasn’t the goats, or the train ride, or seeing Lil’ Sebastian. It was seeing the joy in my son’s face when he got to see a giant, life-size Thomas that we got to ride, or the determination he had when he held a baby goat as carefully as he could. He’s growing again, and he doesn’t look as much like a mini-me anymore, but his spirit of joy is still strong.

It was a great week.


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