Let’s talk about Syd.

The newest addition to our family, Sydney is also, the youngest. She’s nearing 3 months old by now, and she’s inherited her mama’s need to always be on the move. Just like her mom, she can’t sit still for more than a minute. Just like her brother, she was trying to lift her head up and look at me within an hour of being born, so it’s definitely a family trait. All Syd wants to do is stand up and walk around, and she gets very frustrated when she is faced with the reality that she can’t.

She eats like nobody’s business, and while it’s a normal amount for a baby, it’s considerably more than our son ate when he was a newborn, so it’s a pretty huge shock when she goes through five bottles in a day and then still wants to nurse when my wife gets home.

But what is most identifiable about this girl is her personality, even at a couple of months old. She has an incredibly expressive face, and you can tell she’s going to inherit the familial appreciation for sarcasm, just based on the amount of times she’s rolled her eyes already.

She knows she’s cute, and she uses it. When she sees her Nana, her face lights up like Christmas. When her mama leaves the room, she’s immediately awake, complaining to me that she’s not okay with that. When her brother is having one of his newfound tantrums, she sleeps right through it.

Sydney will grow to be a smart, strong, aware, kind, and compassionate woman. It’s in her blood, she comes from a long line of strong women. At this stage, as she just barely starts to reach for her toys (sometimes), it’s tough to shower her with comments other than compliments on her beauty, but as I tell her all the time, I can’t wait until I get more of a sense of her mind, and how wonderful it is in there.

My wife and I know we lucked out, we were blessed with two kids with cartoon eyes and a spirit of joy. It doesn’t get much better than that.


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