Kicking & Screaming

The title of this post is both a reference to the poorly received 2005 film Kicking & Screaming starring Will Ferrell and the stuff that my son did during the final 25 minutes of his first soccer practice this weekend.

Lucas doesn’t like gnats, man.

We signed him up for a fun soccer course with other toddlers which runs for a couple of weeks. He did really great for the first 20 or so minutes before the swarms of gnats took their toll. Unfortunately, we have received a lot of rain, it was an abnormally hot morning (compared to the recent weather), and the field hadn’t been mowed yet, so there was a perfect blend of variables to attract a ton of tiny bugs right at eye level.

All in all, he did better than I ever did at a soccer practice (I never played sports), and we are really proud of him for what he was able to accomplish out there. The expectations weren’t too high, and we’re confident that next week, he’ll be able to hold out a little bit longer with the aid of some top-quality bug spray.


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